Expert Evidence

Expert Evidence

Air Noise Environment personnel are regularly called upon to provide Expert Review or prepare Expert Evidence with respect to a wide range of planning and environment related projects. We are particularly experienced in the detailed analysis of noise and air quality issues related to planning matters, and routinely provide advice to Local Councils and Legal Practices with respect to Planning and Environment Court Matters.

Due to the high calibre of the work completed by Air Noise Environment we are regularly requested to review and complete more detailed analysis of studies completed by other practitioners. This generally occurs where these studies have resulted in projects not achieving planning approval, and subsequently their clients have lodged Appeals in the Planning and Environment Court.

Examples of our extensive experience in providing Expert Evidence and Expert Reviews for various clients and law firms around Australia include:

  • Gold Coast City Council – expert evidence in the Planning and Environment Court relating to the potential noise and air quality impacts from an existing industrial area on a proposed high density retirement village development (Lewiac Appeal).
  • Logan City Council – expert advice relating to the potential odour impacts from an existing abattoir on a proposed major residential subdivision.
  • NSW Planning and Environment Court – expert evidence relating to odour impacts from a pig farm on a proposed subdivision.
  • NSW Coronial Court – expert evidence relating to the potential risk of toxic air emissions arising that could have contributed to a fatality caused by asphyxiation.
  • Cairns City Council, expert evidence for a Planning & Environment Court Appeal relating to a proposed mineral extraction operation at a greenfield site, air quality impacts particularly the risk of particulate impacts.
  • Expert Evidence with respect to potential odour and dust issues for a proposed expansion of a Poultry Farm, Planning and Environment Court Appeal, on behalf of Brisbane City Council.
  • Expert Evidence on behalf of Esk Shire Council (now Somerset Shire Shire Council).
  • Readymix Holdings - expert advice relating to a proposed concrete batching plant on the Sunshine Coast.
  • Brisbane City Council - expert advice relating to a number of Planning and Environment Court Appeals relating to proposed residential and/or commercial developments in close proximity to service stations.

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