Air Quality Research and Policy Studies

Research and Policy Studies

Our depth of experience in the air quality field has been called on by a number of government (Commonwealth and State) organisations as well as industrial organisations, to provide research and policy advice and studies. Projects of this type are particularly satisfying to complete, as they provide our staff with the opportunity of contributing in a broader arena to improved air quality management and assessment.

Examples of previous projects include:

  • Development of Air Quality Assessment Guidelines for the NSW Roads and Transport Authority (2007).
  • Development of an 'Introduction to Air Pollution for Local Government Officers' training manual on behalf of the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation. The manual provided a summary of the variety of air pollution sources likely to be encountered by local government officers and the range of impacts associated with these emissions.
  • Revision and updating the National Pollutant Inventory Emission Estimation Technique Handbooks for 'Waste Oil Recycling' and 'Combustion in Boilers' on behalf of Environment Australia.
  • Improving Particulate Emission Estimation Factors for the Open Cut Coal Industry (ACARP, 2003). This project involved source emission sampling using a portable wind tunnel that was designed and constructed by Air Noise Environment Pty Ltd, and development of revised emission factors for open area sources at Australian coal mines.
  • Fine Particulate Research Study for the Australian Coal Research Association (1998 - 1999) This extensive research project included quantification of size fractions for different sources from coal mines, source and ambient emissions assessment and consideration of control options.

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