Case Studies

Barangaroo Event Space

Acoustic Design and Noise Management Plan

Barangaroo - Wireframe Barangaroo - 3D Model Barangaroo - Acoustic Map Barangaroo - Interior Render

Air Noise Environment were commissioned by the Barangaroo Delivery Authority, Sydney to complete a design review of the new performance space, “The Cutaway”, to assist in optimising the acoustic performance of the venue. To allow analysis of a series of different types of events, and digital model of the venue was prepared by the ANE acoustics team.

Acoustic Modelling
Once the building layout and design had been incorporated, the acoustic model was used to assess the range of proposed events at the venue. Features that had potential to affect acoustic performance were included in the model for the different types of event, for example drapes, floor coverings, varying stage locations, different sound systems. The digital model allowed analysis of the sound quality within the event space as well as noise levels external to the event space.

The acoustic analysis provided data to inform the development of an acoustic management plan for the event space. Approaches for maintaining an appropriate acoustic quality for the audience at the venue was an important part of the study.

Conclusion - Results
Since completion and implementation of the design review, many successful live events have been held at “the Cutaway”.

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