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During an event it is essential that noise management is pro-active, and carried out in a professional manner in consultation with the venue and/or production team and sound engineers. The Event Noise Management objective is to maintain sound quality and audience satisfaction without compromising compliance with external noise limits, wherever practicable.

Attended noise monitoring during an event is a common requirement of event licences, and this provides a means of actively managing noise emissions during the concert or event. Typically, this involves an Event Noise Management consultant being based at the sound mixing desk throughout the event, and one or more consultants being located outside the venue. The consultant at the mixer desk works closely with the sound engineering team when adjustment of specific noise frequencies or or overall noise levels is required to achieve external noise limits. The required adjustments are determined on the basis of the external noise levels measured at the nearest affected receptor positions located outside the venue. The Event Noise Management consultants remain in contact throughout the event, to ensure that noise management during an event is both effective and timely.

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For some clients, Event Noise Management personnel also respond to any noise complaints that may arise during an event, including completing attended noise monitoring to determine the compliance status at the complainant's property.

Event Noise Management staff have experience working with sound engineers and the production team of major events as well as liaison with the community. We understand that community relations and perceptions play an important role for the future running of an event. Where communication with the local community is required our experienced staff respond in a professional and friendly manner.

Post-Event Management

Provision of a noise monitoring report to the relevant regulatory authority is often required following a major live entertainment event. Event Noise Management is able to tailor reports to meet a wide range of requirements associated with different local authorities and licensing regimes. Our post-event reporting typically includes noise complaint summaries, noise monitoring data (tabulated or graphical) and any noise management procedures implemented during an event.