Environmental Policy and Compliance

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Air Noise Environment has a history of involvement in development of policy and guidelines relating to air quality and acoustics, both for local and state government agencies. Project examples include:

  • Technical briefing papers and recommendation of acoustic quality objectives for the re-made QLD Environmental Protection (Noise) Policy 2008.
  • Noise policy advice and preparation of noise constraints mapping and interpretation tool for the 2009 Logan City Council Planning Scheme.
  • Development of the noise policy section of the Caloundra Planning Scheme.
  • Development of Air Quality Assessment Guidelines for the NSW Roads and Transport Authority (2007).
  • Development of an 'Introduction to Air Pollution for Local Government Officers' training manual on behalf of the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation. The manual provided a summary of the variety of air pollution sources likely to be encountered by local government officers and the range of impacts associated with these emissions.
  • Revising and updating the National Pollutant Inventory Emission Estimation Technique Handbooks for 'Waste Oil Recycling' and 'Combustion in Boilers' on behalf of Environment Australia.
  • Developing Acoustic Guidelines for Childcare Centre Assessments on behalf of Parramatta City Council.

In addition, one of the most significant projects completed by the company, on behalf of the Commonwealth Government over a five year period, was the provision of Environmental Regulatory Services for the Department of Transport and Regional Services at Brisbane, Archerfield, Gold Coast and Townsville Airports. This contract involved Air Noise Environment Pty Ltd personnel acting as the Devolved Regulatory Airport Environment Officer at these airports. The Airport Environment Officer has the responsibility (and powers) to enforce and implement the requirements of the Airports (Environment Protection) Regulations, which form part of the Commonwealth Airports Act.

In this role, Air Noise Environment Pty Ltd personnel were required to assess, monitor and regulate all environmental aspects at the airport including issuing approvals, permits and environmental conditions for new developments on behalf of the Commonwealth Airport. These contracts resulted in a number of our staff developing strong expertise in review, implementation and assessment of compliance with respect to environmental management plans, construction management plans and conditions of approval.

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