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Mixed Use Development - Acoustic Monitoring and Modelling Case Study

Mixed Use Development - Noise Monitoring and Modelling - Image 1 Mixed Use Development - Noise Monitoring and Modelling - Image 2 Mixed Use Development - Noise Monitoring and Modelling - Image 3

Air Noise Environment was commissioned to undertake a noise assessment for a proposed mixed use development. The development comprised a series of high-rise residential apartments above 2 levels of car parks, plus additional retail and commercial uses.

The proposed development site was located in an area of mixed use, and the surrounding land uses were as follows:

  • Commercial to the south.
  • Petrol Station and Vehicle Workshop to the East.
  • Existing commercial development to the north.
  • Sports Club and and sports fields to the west.

Each of these surrounding landuses were considered in the acoustic assessment in terms of potential impacts on the proposed development. In addition, the impact of noise from an adjacent major four lane highway was considered in the acoustic assessment.

The acoustic assessment included background and source noise monitoring of the range of existing sources. The noise modelling used the proprietary software CadnaA (Computer Aided Noise Abatement Model) developed by DataKustik. The CadnaA model incorporates influences of meteorology, terrain, ground type and air absorption in addition to source characteristics to predict noise impacts at receptor locations.

The building plans for the development are shown in the figure below.

The proposed development plans, following incorporation into the CadnaA software, are shown below.

Having incorporated the development into the software, noise source characteristics were added and the modelling parameters entered. Noise contours were then produced for the proposed development to allow the need for mitigation measures to be assessed.

Following completion of the acoustic modelling, a range of mitigation solutions were developed and tested using the Cadna/A model to provide an appropriate acoustic environment for the proposed range of uses at the mixed use development.

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