Noise Monitoring

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Noise monitoring is typically a component of all of the acoustic projects we complete. Noise compliance monitoring may be necessary for a range of reasons, including complaint investigation and assessment against licence conditions. Baseline ambient monitoring is usually necessary to define criteria and goals, and noise monitoring is also commonly completed to assess the influence of specific noise sources such as transportation, industry and commerce.

We own a large number of sound level meters for use in noise monitoring projects, and these instruments and field calibrators are checked and calibrated by NATA accredited test laboratories in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards. Monitoring may be attended (ie, personnel attend the monitoring event) or unattended, with unattended monitoring generally completed where longer term data is required to assess diurnal fluctuations or typical ambient background noise levels. Specific source noise monitoring is also completed, and may require real time frequency analysis, for example for pop concert events where specific tonal components are resulting in intrusive noise travelling great distances.

Examples of noise monitoring projects include:

  • Unattended aircraft noise monitoring, and subsequent analysis of short term noise data to determine overflying aircraft events, Cessnock Aerodrome.
  • Monitoring of construction noise and vibration sources during the redevelopment of Lang Park stadium.
  • Background noise monitoring at six monitoring positions in the Northern Territory and Western Queensland to allow definition of appropriate acoustic criteria for a proposed gas pipeline.
  • Construction dust and noise monitoring for the Nandah Alliance project at Luggage Point (part of the water corridor development project).
  • Construction noise and vibration sampling over a 12 month period for the Ewingsdale Interchange project, Ballina.

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