Occupational Noise Monitoring and Control

Occupational Noise Monitoring and Control - Image 1

ANE has experience in completing occupational noise monitoring and control assessments in Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory and under Commonwealth Law at Federally leased airports. Our standard methodology includes a combination of personal dosimetry measurements (where personnel wear a noise logger for an entire shift) and short measurements throughout the workplace to allow noise contours to be produced. The short measurements are also used to assess the risk of peak noise criteria exposure, and to establish frequency spectra for the noise sources of interest, to assist in the selection of hearing protection where other noise management solutions are not practicable.

We own four personal noise dosimeters and a range of portable sound level meters and frequency analysers for use in assessments of this type. Examples of previous occupational noise assessments include investigations for the following clients:

  • Visypak packaging.
  • Smorgon Steel
  • Bradnams Doors and Windows
  • National Glass
  • BP Bitumen
  • Harvey Norman Retail
  • Castle Towers Shopping Centre
  • Brisbane Slipways and Engineering

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