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As with any consultnacy, our key resource is the combined depth and breadth of the expertise and experience of it's technical personnel. Air Noise Environment requires a high degree of specialism for all personnel due to the specific nature of the projects we complete. Our current team of professional staff comprises 9 experieced scientists / engineers / technicians, with additional support provided by two Office Administrators and contract professional staff.

Our scientific and engineering staff offer over 50 years combined expertise in the services identified on this website. This gives us the capability and knowledge to provide these services in-house, regardless of the technical challenges presented by a particular project.

The experience offered by our current permanent team is as follows:

  • Principal: 25+ years experience
  • Managers, Senior Environmental Engineers and Scientists: 8-18+ years experience
  • Environmental Engineers and Scientists: 1 to 5 years experience
  • Technicians: up to 20 years experience

A short summary of qualifications and capabilities is provided below for our senior technical personnel. Detailed CV's for all company personnel are provided to bone fide potential clients on request.

Gary Hall

Manager - Air Monitoring

Gary Hall

BSc (Hons)

Gary Hall is a highly experienced environmental scientist with 15 years experience in Environmental Science as a project manager, environmental consultant and as a sampling specialist. He has extensive experience with air quality source monitoring in Australia and South Africa with a large number of industrial, petroleum and mining companies. Since joining Air Noise Environment in 2006, Gary has been involved in a range of noise, air quality and environmental management projects in addition to managing the stack emission testing projects completed by the company.

Key project experience includes:

  • Stack Emission Testing, perfromance and RATA testing for clients including GE, Kwinana, and Tarong Power Stations.
  • Deposited particulate sampling, dust inventory and audit for a Gold Mine in the Northern Territory and clients in Central Queensland.
  • Stack and/or occupational monitoring for a diverse range of industrial operations including:
    • BP Bitumen
    • Caltex
    • Century Yuasa Batteries
    • Colgate-Palmolive
    • Fulton Hogan
    • Hexion Specialty Chemicals
    • Incitec Pivot
    • New Hope Group
    • Origin Energy
    • Shell Bitumen
    • Stanwell Power Station
  • In tunnel and on train gas monitoring in the Hunter Valley for combustion gases, temperature and air speed.

Key responsibilities include technical direction of the emission monitoring activities completed by the company and the supervision and training of sampling personnel.

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To ensure technical excellence is maintained all staff actively participate in relevant professional development programs and attend national and international conferences and forums to remain abreast of the latest technical and scientific developments in their fields of expertise. In addition, ANE holds in-house professional development training courses bi-annually, as well as team building activities for all staff.

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